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Setting Social Media Goals

goalWhen planning out your social media marketing plan, there are three important reasons why you should create goals for your social marketing time.

1. Goals help you achieve. Looking at your goals from time to time will assure you that you are staying on track with your marketing purpose. If you are specifically working toward branding your business and building your community,  from time to time, ask yourself, “Am I using my time wisely to build my online community of prospective customers?”

2. Goals help you stay focused and minimize the time you spend on social media marketing. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly churning through tasks that relate to all parts of your business. Marketing is only one of those many tasks.  Setting goals with your social media time will help you focus on what really moves you forward. Once you know where your time is best spent, it is much easier to jump on the networks, accomplish tasks that will move your marketing forward, and then get off the networks and on to the rest of your day.

3. Having goals causes you to track and measure your results. This can be as simple as setting a goal that you want to increase your Facebook friends list to 300 members.  Broken down into weekly goals, this means you need to add five to six new friends each week.  Once you’ve added that number, you can move on to other tasks.  But having this goal causes you to watch that number grow and spend time on this specific strategy.

My Social Marketing Goals


Most important to me are the number of audience members and how much engagement I am getting with my social media audience.  I watch the number of Followers in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube. I also watch the number of views I receive on YouTube. These are easy to track each month. By tracking  these each month, I was able to see when the number of LinkedIn followers began to shrink.


When the rules changed on Facebook and suddenly less people were seeing my updates, I began to pay closer attention to engagement. How many times do people comment, or hit the “like” button on my posts?  The reason this is so important now is that it seems to be related to Facebook’s algorhythm. When I see more engagement, I also see more impressions.  Engagement on all other channels is important as well. Building a community is super important to my marketing. If people take the time to engage, then I know I have their attention.

Watch what other companies are doing get engagement going on your own accounts.  It’s always a good idea to learn from others who have figured it out already.

For more information about social media marketing, check out My Social Marketing Club.

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