Aug 05

Is Your Website Ready for More Traffic?

websitetilesBy Deborah Richmond

Using social media for marketing can help you drive traffic to your website.  But before you begin working with new strategies, it is wise to first check you website and see if you are really ready for more traffic.  A site that isn’t ready will not hold the attention of your new readers, and they will leave and may not come back.  Here are a few things you want to make sure you have on your website:

1. Your Company Name and Phone Number

This must be found at the top of every page in your site. Many people will look for your site with the sole purpose of finding your contact information. By put this information on your Home page will make it easier for the reader to find and to contact you.

2. Easy Website Navigation

You have to make sure that your viewers will be able to find exactly what they are searching for without much difficulty. To test how well your navigation is doing, ask a family member or friend to sit down to a computer as you watch over their shoulder. Give them a piece of information to look for on your website. See how long it takes them.  For instance, you can tell them “Find the price of Product X”.  If they are struggling to find it, watch them search. You will be given a lot of insight very quickly as to where your navigation is not working well.  With this information, you can start making the changes to your site so the next user will have an easier time of finding information.

3. A Landing Page with Good Content

Your landing page, also referred to as the Home page,  must have plenty of valuable information. The page should show them what is available on the website, and then link them to the places where the information is offered.  Be sure your home page specifically tells the reader what it is you do or sell.  Look at your website. Is it clear at first glance what you are selling or offering?

4. A Good About Us Page

Make sure that the information you enter into this page encompasses the company or the business image that you want to portray. This will likely be one of your most visited pages on you site. So be sure to include good information there and links to more information.

5. A Way to Capture Email

Do you offer a newsletter?  Your website should have a sign-up form on the Home page, and as many pages as possible. Once you’ve done the hard work of driving people to your site, you don’t want them to leave before you’ve gotten their address.  You can offer a newsletter, or a special report. The offer should be for something valuable enough to charge for. But you will give it away in exchange for their email address.  Use a service such as Aweber to create the automated email list and opt-in form.

Remember, you will only be able to make the most out of your social networking efforts if your website is all ready to receive traffic and make good use of it.

To Your Success,


P.S. If you use this link to purchase Aweber, you should know that I do receive a small commission. But rest assured, I use Aweber and consider it the best email management program for a low price.

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