Nov 19

Improve Your LinkedIn Networking in 10 Minutes a Day

alarmWhen you are getting started on LinkedIn, you may feel like it’s taking too much of your time. You should only spend 10 minutes a day. You can keep it short and still get a lot of value from your account. By keeping the time short, you are far more likely to make it a regular habit of visiting LinkedIn. Consistently visiting LinkedIn for just 10 minutes a day will give you the consistency that really works on LinkedIn.

The reason it’s important to visit regularly is because, at its very base, LinkedIn is a communication tool. This is a place to touch base with your network. Your LinkedIn inbox is a place to further those relationships you already have established in the face-to-face world. If you send a message on LinkedIn, and your reader replies quickly, you should respond within a day or two at the most. But this will not happen if you are only visiting once a week or less. Keep the conversation short, but keep it going!

If you find you spend too much time when you visit LinkedIn, start setting a timer for 10 minutes. When the alarm rings, stop what you’re doing and log out of LinkedIn. You can always come back to what you were doing tomorrow for another 10 minutes.  Not only will the consistency pay off, but you will be fare more likely to build your networking skills if you know you only need a few minutes.

This week, visit LinkedIn AT LEAST 3 times. Start getting into the habit of visiting regularly for just a few minutes a day.

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