Oct 14

Grow Your Business By Giving Out Free Information

FreeWhen I was a child, my favorite place was the library. While there, I could look for and learn anything I could imagine. If I wanted to learn how to make a cake from scratch, the information was there. If I wanted to read about Native American beadwork, I could find it. The difficulty was in waiting for my next trip to the library. Without access to the library, I could only sit and wonder what the answers were to my questions.

The internet has completely changed this. Now if I want to know the words to a famous speech by Sojourner Truth, I can have it almost instantaneously. If I want to know how to pronounce the Spanish word for “Wednesday”, I can find the audio file online.

You have information your customers and potential customers are looking for. Now you can add your own expertise to the internet through your website and blog. Good useful content is what your customers crave. If you can give it to them,  you will have their attention.

But why should you spend time writing blog post articles or making how-to YouTube videos? Because the information you give away, will lead to profits when these readers decide it’s time to buy. They will look to you because your information has been good and helpful. They trust you.

One of the common questions I receive is, “If I give all my best information away, why would anyone hire me?” Let me answer this question with myself as an example. In my blog I talk all the time about how to use social media to market your business. Yet, some people still hire me to manage their social marketing for them. Why would they do that if I’ve already told them exactly how it’s done?

  1. They don’t want to do the work themselves.
  2. They can see from my blog posts that I know what I’m doing.

Now, if I were to keep all of my secrets to myself and not talk about how to use social media to market your business, these clients would never have known I know what I’m talking about. But since I write all kinds of information explaining how to do this yourself, these clients could see the answers to their questions and knew I was the right person to hire to manage their social marketing. This is why you need to talk about everything you know and share it often on your blog, on your Facebook page, on your YouTube channel, et cetera.

For every person who hires me to help them with social media, there are hundreds if not thousands who are able to take the free information and directly apply it to their own marketing. I am not upset about this, in fact, I’m thrilled. If you are able to apply this without further assistance, then I’ve helped another person fulfill their own dreams in growing their business. I’m not concerned because I know there are enough people who DO need my help that will still hire me.

Information has been freed. Give some away so that it can help others. Your generosity will be rewarded.


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