Mar 25

Don’t Waste Your Time on Social Media

alarmMany business professionals  are not eager to get started in social media marketing because they think it will take hours out of their day. If it does, you’re not doing it right.

You should only set aside small amounts of time throughout the week to keep a social marketing machine running. I spend only 15 minutes a checking my social media accounts. Most people are surprised when they hear that. But it’s true. I have found that keeping the time you spend on social media short will have better results over the long run.

Less is More

You will be more likely to participate on social media every day if you know it will only take 10 to 15 minutes. If you allow your social media time to get away from you, and discover you’ve just spent an hour reading and looking through other people’s accounts, you will not want to come back tomorrow and do it again. You will begin to put off your social media work until you have more time.

Keeping your sessions very short means you won’t be afraid to do the same thing again tomorrow.

Consistency Builds Relationships

Spending just a few minutes a day on social media will allow you to effectively interact and engage others in conversations. Let’s say you visit Facebook today and leave an update. Readers then see your update an respond with a comment. Tomorrow when you are back on Facebook, you can answer the comment and keep the conversation going. This mechanism comes to a screeching halt if you only visit Facebook once a week. Readers will comment, but you won’t respond until next week. By then the conversation is too old to continue.

Consistent visit frequently to social media allow you to most effectively interact with others and build the relationship with prospects you need for future sales.

Don’t make the mistake of shying away from social media because you think it is too time consuming. It doesn’t have to be. And the ongoing marketing benefits are priceless.

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