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Aug 25

Monitoring Your Website Traffic with Google Analytics

By Deborah Richmond If you’re thinking of using Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of your website, I high encourage you to do so right away. It’s the way I find out the basic information about my website that allows me to continue to bring in good traffic. To use Google Analytics, you will need …

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Aug 21

Learn How to Use Social Media by Watching Your Competition

By Deborah Richmond On the internet, it is perfectly acceptable to lurk about and seeing what your competition is doing before you jump into using social media. To lurk means to join a network, look around, read and watch other people without contributing anything yourself.  Not only is this behavior acceptable, it’s a good idea …

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Aug 18

These Companies Experienced a Positive ROI with Social Media

By Deborah Richmond You may ask yourself, how much money can my business make if I use social media? The answer is complicated. Can we put a dollar figure on it? Not always, but this video is the best explanation I’ve seen. Check it out. If you’re looking for help with your social media marketing, …

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Aug 14

4 Easy Steps to Build Relationships with Your Social Networks

By Deborah Richmond “Community and relationships are not about transactions, they are about interactions. Interactions take time and there’s only so much time in the day, “ says Mitch Joel in a recent post on his blog, Six Pixels of Separation.   Building your community is good for your marketing efforts and good for furthering your …

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Aug 07

Top 4 Unspoken Rules of Social Media Marketing

By Deborah Richmond As you use social media to market you business, there are some unspoken rules that apply to all social media site. If you don’t know these rules, you won’t be very effective on social media. If you do know the rules, you will see positive results as you expand your network and …

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