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Mar 25

Don’t Waste Your Time on Social Media

Many business professionals  are not eager to get started in social media marketing because they think it will take hours out of their day. If it does, you’re not doing it right. You should only set aside small amounts of time throughout the week to keep a social marketing machine running. I spend only 15 …

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Jan 02

Develop New Business with the Right LinkedIn Groups

One of the most powerful areas of LinkedIn are the LinkedIn Groups. This is also one of the best kept secrets. It is not obvious when using LinkedIn just how powerful the groups can be. I use LinkedIn Groups to reach thousands of people every week.
The first step to getting the full value of LinkedIn Groups is to join the right groups. Here are 7 steps to follow to make sure you are in front of the right audience to market your business and network as a professional:

Dec 10

LinkedIn Endorsements: What Are They Good For?

When talking to clients and groups about using LinkedIn for business, I get a lot of questions about endorsements. Here are some common questions:

What are LinkedIn Endorsement good for?
What should I do with them?
What do I do if people endorse me who have never worked with me?
Should I be endorsing them back?

Dec 02

4 LinkedIn Mistakes that Could Damage Your Reputation

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LinkedIn is a great place to network and build relationships that can lead to real sales and business. It is a communication tool that, once you know how to use it, can put you in front of the people you most want to connect with. But there are some common mistakes that you should try …

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Nov 26

2 Simple Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Work Experience Section


One of the most important areas of LinkedIn is your Profile You can see from the analytics they provide that a lot of people are looking at your page. One of the most important areas of your profile is your work experience. I have looked at hundreds of LinkedIn profiles. One of the common mistakes …

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