Jul 28

Building and Maintaining Your Website on a Budget

httpBy Deborah Richmond

Online presence is one of the most important things that you have to establish especially when you are starting your own business. Your business needs to have its own place in the web so you need to have your own website.

Having your own site go live on the web need not be overly expensive. Even when you are on a shoestring budget, you can avail of cost-effective and totally user-friendly web hosting services from Hostgator. I recommend you use Hostgator because it is one of the tools I use and love. It makes it easy to set up a WordPress website. In fact, I have three tutorial videos that I offer for free that will walk you through exactly how to create your own WordPress website:

Create Your Site with WordPress

For designing your website, I strongly recommend WordPress. If you are someone who doesn’t mind working on techy stuff, you can create your own site using my free tutorial videos:

How to Make a Website with WordPress – Part 1

How to Make a Website with WordPress – Part 2

How to Make a Website with WordPress – Part 3

The biggest advantage to having a WordPress website is that you can make updates and maintain the site yourself. You can avoid costly monthly fees for small changes to your website. You won’t have to pay $50 or $75 every time you want to make a change such as change the telephone number of your business.

Hire an Affordable Website Designer

When it was time to redesign my own site, I did not have the time to do it myself and instead chose to hire a web designer through Odesk. It has been a very successful relationship. I was able to get a website at a fraction of the time it would have taken me and a fraction of the cost I would have paid a local designer for the same work. I highly recommend you give them a try. Sometimes I use the designer to make changes during the month, and sometimes I do them myself. It has been a tremendous help to my business to have someone I can contact for technical help as well. I no longer spend hours trying to figure out technical issues. I simply send a message to my Odesk designer asking for help.

If you are building your business on a budget, you know that having a website built and maintained can often be one of your largest expenses in the first year of business. Doing it yourself or hiring a freelance designer through Odesk can be two options that will help you cut that budget down, allowing you to spend your dollars on other needs of the business.

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P.S. I purchased the Baby Plan through Hostgator and am so glad I did.  I highly recommend it.  It allowed me to add other websites, even though when I first started my business, I thought I would only need one.  Plan ahead and order the Baby Plan. (If you purchase through these links, I do receive a small commission.  Rest assured, I don’t recommend anything I don’t truly believe in!)


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