Jul 30

Boost Your Website’s Success Through Google Analytics

chartsBy Deborah Richmond

Do you have any idea how many people visit your website in one day, or one week, or one year perhaps? If you don’t, using Google Analytics, you can actually find out for free. You can even find out which web pages are attracting the most visitors.

How to Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that lets you do all these things and more. Here’s how it works. Google gives you an HTML code and a comprehensive instruction that would tell you to paste that particular code into your page so Google can provide you with the necessary stats you need anytime you need it. The code will not at all affect the appearance of your website.

One Way to Improve Your Website with Google Analytics

So why is it so important to track the performance of your website? The statistics that Google Analytics can provide information about how many people visit pages on your site. On strategy you can use is to find out which pages are more popular than others.  You’ll want to put your most important information on those pages. On my site, the About page receives a large amount of traffic.  So I have made sure there is good information there about me, since this is something many readers are looking for.

If you find a page is receiving very little traffic, you may need to change the topic of the page to make it more relevant to your readers.  This is only one way you can use Google Analytics to improve your website, but one that is very effective.

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