Mar 10

Are You Making Real Sales With Your Email List?

email_iconSo you have a list of past clients and customers. And maybe you’ve organized your email lists into an email manager, such as Constant Contact or Aweber. Are you making the most of that list? Are you making new sales regularly through your list? If your answer is no, then it’s time to get organized and make a plan for what you will send to your email list in the next few weeks and months. You need an email marketing strategy that will walk your readers through your sales funnel.

Lead and They Will Follow

So what should be in your email marketing strategy? First of all you don’t want to just send sales messages. I know I said it’s time to make sales, but you need to provide real value to your clients and customers before they are ready to buy from you. You want to walk your reader through the phase of getting to know you, like you, and trust you. Only then are they ready to buy from you.

Give Real Value With Every Email

Step one is to provide real value. This means you should be sending emails that contain information and articles that your clients and customers really want to read. If all you send are sales messages, your readers will delete emails before even reading them. They will also unsubscribe from your list. If they unsubscribe, you lose the opportunity to continually stay in front of your customer until they are ready to purchase.

Send Sales Message One Quarter of the Time

Yes, you will send sales messages occasionally, but not every time. A rule of thumb I like to use is that I send three emails with pure value, and no sales message. Then the fourth email I send real value, and I add a sales message. While you may feel you’re losing an opportunity by not including sales messages in all emails, I assure you what you are really doing is instilling trust in your reader. By eliminating the sales messages from three quarters of your emails, you are giving readers a chance to see the value you are providing. They will be eager to open your next email.

Get Started Maximizing Your Sales With Email Marketing

It’s time to start sending regular emails that will give your readers more great information. Spend some time and plan out good valuable content for your readers. Here are some ideas of valuable content you should be sending your email list:

  • Educational articles
  • How to tutorials
  • Industry News
  • Book/product reviews
  • Latest trends
  • Interviews of industry leaders
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Lists of popular blogs your reader will like
  • Lists of resources found around the internet
  • Case Studies

Reap the Benefits of Your Reader’sTrust

When it is time to send a sales message, make the message a small portion of the email. Most of the email should, again, be great useful information. Continue this pattern of three valuable emails to one sales message. By giving your reader great content, they will be eager to open your email until they are ready to buy. I have had buyers who stayed on my email list for over a year before purchasing. But when they were ready, I was there in their mailbox with the product they needed. So don’t worry if you have many readers who don’t open all your emails. As long as they stay on your list, they are there because they are interested in your products and services.

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