Jul 22

5 Ways I Improved My Facebook Reach

FacebookShare-300x156 I will share with you a painful truth. In recent months as Facebook has changed, everyone has seen a large dip in number of people who see your updates. I was no exception. Previously my updates had been viewed by hundreds of people. After the changes, the number dwindled to only a couple dozen!! Truly painful for a social media consultant!

Facebook no longer shows everyone all of your updates. Facebook is going to show your updates to those people who engage with you the most. That means people who read your updates, comment on posts, and “like” your posts. So the trick of being seen by more people is to encourage engagement with your audience. This will also gradually attract more people to your page.

Engagement is how I am bringing that number back up. It’s a slow climb but it’s working. Here is what I’m doing that is capturing more interest.

  1. Posting more often, every day if possible.
  2. Posting about more about my personal experiences with social media.
  3. Posting more photos.
  4. Posting humorous photos
  5. Asking more questions.

These are the best ways I have found right now to improve engagement. I am always listening for more ideas. If you have tactics that you have used successfully to increase engagement on Facebook, please share in the comments below!

To Your Success,



P.S. If you are just getting started on Facebook and need more help, I share these strategies and a lot more in Facebook 101.


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