Sep 15

3 Steps to Turn Around Negative Social Media Comments

ponderBy Deborah Richmond

Advertisers and marketers used to be able to control the marketing messages that were broadast to consumers via television, radio and print media.  Today, because of the internet and social media, people are talking to each other all the time about products and companies they like and don’t like. Consumers are now in control of the message about  your company, whether you’re aware of it or not. If a consumer doesn’t like your product, they can talk about it all day on Facebook and Twittter for all of their friends to see.  And you may not even be aware they are talking about you.

Now, your brand is whatever the community says it is, not what you say it is. What can you do about it?

1. Listen to what others are saying.

Socialmention.com is a site that allows you to put the name of your company in the search field. It then scours the internet for places where your company has been mentioned.

Get on Facebook and Twitter. Search for the name of your company or product on Twitter to see what is being talked about.  Search for your company on Google. Do you find conversations out there about your products?

2. Address the issues.

If you hear someone talking about you and an issue they have with your company, address their concern.  Others will see your response and feel better about your company if you try to address the concern.

3.  Don’t try to control the message. 

Instead, join the conversation. I once had someone say a negative remark about my on Facebook.  I immediately joined the conversation.  I didn’t respond defensively, simply put my side of the issue out there as impartially as I could.  The negative commentor responded, but so did a lot of people who were debating my side of the situation. Readers could read all sides of the issue and make decisions for themselves.  It felt good to see that not everyone agreed with the negative comments.

For more information on using social media to market your business, check to http://mysocialmarketingclub.com.

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