Mar 20

3 Mistakes on Twitter You Don’t Want to Make

speak noTwitter is a social media network with a personality all its own.  There are lots of people there using their 140 characters for a lot of different purposes. Some connect with their friends, comedians use it to try out new jokes, others use it to spread their political views.  I use it to market my business and so should you.

Twitter has been best used in my business for making contacts with others in my industry, people I would not have met in “real life”.  It’s also been a place to talk directly to my audience. I can ask them questions about their social media experiences and share business types with them.

I test a lot of different types of social media strategies before I begin using them with clients. That means I know what to do and what NOT to do. Yes, I try to make the mistakes in my testing so I can tell you what they are. Here are a few mistakes you don’t want to make on Twitter:

1. Not Filling Out Your Profile

This may seem obvious, but many mall business Twitter users fail to take advantage of the space Twitter gives you for your name, photo, location, bio, and URL. By filling it out, you allow people to see who you are. This builds trust. It’s a small space and doesn’t take long to fill out, but it’s the way people will know where to find your business website. And you want people to find you!

2. Forgetting You Represent Your Business

Twitter is about sharing experiences an not always talking shop. Given how informal the conversation can be, however, it’s easy to get overly relaxed in your Tweets. Don’t forget that every tweet from your company account will be analyzed by your audience. Avoid being flippant about matters that are important to your customers. I stay far away from political topics. I have opinions, but I not everyone agrees with them. I don’t want my personal views to be mixed in with my business reputation.

3. Talking Too Often About Business

To make sure you’re not tweeting too often about business, I recommend a that a third of your tweets be directly about business, a third be giving useful information such as sharing articles you’ve recently read, and a third be about you personally. Sharing a little about yourself makes you more interesting and allows your audience to get to know you.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have a much more successful time marketing your business with Twitter.

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