Oct 07

3 Fast and Easy Ways to Build Your Social Media Community for Marketing Your Business

team yellowBuilding your community is one of your number one goals if you are using social media to market your business. You want to continually add to your friend list on Facebook, connections on LinkedIn, followers on Twitter and so on. People who are part of your community will see your posts and your activity and will engage with you and your brand. A larger community gives you a larger pool of people to draw new clients and customers from. What are some ways to continually add people to your community?

1. Invite friends and customers from your email address book.  This is a great place to start when building your community. Your email address book is chock full of friends, acquaintances and customers with whom you already have an established relationship.  Select as many people from your address  book as you can and invite them to be your friend on Facebook.  You can email them from your email account, or you can look them up on Facebook and invite them from there.

2. Ask everyone you meet to join you on social media. This strategy is very low tech.  Simply ask people you meet, “Are you on Facebook or LinkedIn?” If they say yes, make a note of it and invite them the next time you’re on the network. This is especially effective if you’re working a trade show or simply talking to new customers who enter your store.  Many will be happy to join your network. I like to pick up cards as I go through a trade show, and then later look up the companies and individuals on social media later to add to my networks.

3. Mine your business card file. If you frequently attend networking functions, you likely have a collection of business cards from people you’ve met. Pull those cards out and search for these people on your network. If they are on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, invite them. Remind them when you met them and they are highly likely to join your community.

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