Nov 26

2 Simple Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Work Experience Section

keyboardOne of the most important areas of LinkedIn is your Profile You can see from the analytics they provide that a lot of people are looking at your page. One of the most important areas of your profile is your work experience. I have looked at hundreds of LinkedIn profiles. One of the common mistakes I see over and over again is the mistake of not filling out the Work Experience area fully. If your Work Experience section is mostly blank, you lose the opportunity to impress the people who are looking at your profile. These visitors could be colleagues, prospects, potential employers, botential buyers. The Work Experience section is one of your best opportunities to put information in front of them that will convince them to do business with you.

Here are some things to look for in your own LinkedIn Profile Work Experience Section.

1. Do you have all relevant positions listed on your profile?
By relevant, I mean positions that are relevant to what you are doing now. What are the positions you would like prospects to know about you. For instance, when I was 16 I worked at the local movie theater. This is not a position I include on my LinkedIn profile because I know it is not relevant to my work as a social marketing consultant. I do include the position I held in an insurance company marketing department in 2007.

Your profile is a super powerful vehicle for branding you. What parts of your background would you like to highlight, and which areas do not necessarily add to your brand?

2. Have you provided good descriptions of each position held?
Filling out the LinkedIn profile can be tedious. Likely when you filled yours out, you didn’t spend a lot of time on any particular area. It’s time to go back and look at the descriptions of the positions you’ve held. Be sure to include a good description of your responsibilities in the position. Not only will a good description give readers a chance to better understand your duties while in the position, it will also give you the opportunity to use key words that readers might be searching for.

For instance, a bookkeeper might include language about working with QuickBooks in his or her position description.  Anyone who is searching for a bookkeeper familiar with QuickBooks is far more likely to find this bookkeeper’s profile.  What are the keywords for which you wish to be found?  Include them in the work experience descriptions.
People are looking at you profile every day. Make sure it has all of the information you want them to know about you and your brand. The Work Descriptions are a great place to include more information about you and your abilities.

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